Dedicated to assuring the health of Maine’s people and places.  

As a statewide association, we advocate, act and advise on critical public health challenges, assuring that all Maine residents have the opportunity to lead healthy lives, regardless of their income or where they live. We are not tied to a national agenda, which means we are responsive to the needs of Maine’s communities and we take that responsibility seriously. We believe we are only as healthy as the world around us. To that end, we work hard to assure the health of Maine’s people and Maine’s places.


Upcoming Events

Human Trafficking Education and Training Academy
Sep 14 @ 2:22 pm – Sep 15 @ 3:22 pm

Human Trafficking Education and Training Academy

A two-day train-the-trainer workshop to develop skills for teaching health professionals about human trafficking.

Saturday, September 14 – Sunday, September 15, 2019 

Boston, MA



Tackling Trafficking through Health Care
The majority of trafficking victims in the United States have contact with a health professional while being trafficked. Yet, most health professionals have never been educated about trafficking. To train millions of practicing clinicians and trainees in the United States, more trainers, with content knowledge on human trafficking and teaching skills, are needed. This academy will equip public health and healthcare educators with the content knowledge and teaching skills to train health professionals in their communities to respond to human trafficking. This interactive, two-day program will focus on trafficking core content knowledge, teaching plan development and teaching practice to refine each participant’s human trafficking training skills

Co-sponsored by MGH Institute of Health Professions and HEAL Trafficking


A united group of multidisciplinary professionals dedicated to ending human trafficking and supporting its survivors, from a public health perspective.
Because Human Trafficking is a Public Health Issue