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Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drugs

The ATOD Member Section focuses on the topics of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, including opioids and cannabis. Specific topics are chosen based on group members’ interests, knowledge, and skillsets, along with available data, evidence, and priorities for Maine and MPHA. The work of the Section is grounded in evidence, public health principles, and trauma-informed approaches. 

The Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Member Section meets monthly on the fourth Tuesday from 12pm-1pm via Zoom.

Member Sections serve as professional units of MPHA and conduct activities that promote the Association’s mission and goals. Member Sections provide opportunities for members to develop scientific/educational program content; develop policy papers in areas of interest or fields of practice; provide professional and social networking, career development, and mentoring. 

Get Involved

Involvement in the Member Sections is highly encouraged. Member Sections provide opportunities for professional development and networking, along with opportunities to play a role in informing current public health policy and education of other public health colleagues, policymakers, and the public. Member Section participants range from those who are new to public health to those with more than 20 years of experience. Participants are required to be active member of MPHA and can join the Member Section at any time.

Please contact to join today.

Resources developed by the Member Section