Members of our committee have been collaborating for more than two decades to improve the health and well-being of Maine people by eliminating exposure to secondhand smoke, reducing tobacco use rates and protecting the Fund for a Healthy Maine, Maine’s share of Tobacco/Master Settlement Agreement dollars.

The committee previously worked under the umbrella of the Health Policy Partners of Maine, and before that operated as the Maine Coalition on Smoking or Health.

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Tobacco Policy Materials

E-Cigarette fact sheet– LD1108 has been passed by the House and Senate but we are expected a veto by the Governor. Please take a moment to read the fact sheet and contact your legislator to ask for their support in prohibiting e-cigarettes in public spaces. 

Cigar Bars Fact Sheet– this bill is dead in the legislature. Thanks for all your support in ensuring we did not see an erosion in our tobacco laws this session!

2015 Legislative Session testimony

Testimony in support of LD 1108_e-cigs

LD423 testimony_support_Child resistant liquid nicotine

LD 135 testimony in support tobacco surcharge 2 24 15

Testimony in Opposition of LD 821- tobacco specialy stores

General Information

Secondhand Smoke

Tobacco Taxation and Price Increases

Medicaid Tobacco Treatment Benefits

Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids Publications

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