Members of the Obesity Policy Committee have been collaborating for over a decade to improve the health and well-being of Maine people through public policy initiatives that aim to improve nutrition, increase physical activity, and prevent obesity. We work together to help education the public, key decision makers and legislators on obesity issues, introduce and pass legislation that will achieve a reduction in obesity rates in Maine and on a federal level and other projects as the committee deems necessary.

The obesity policy committee is a collaborative of many partners and is the only coalition of its kind in Maine. FMI or to get involved, contact Committee Chair Becky Smith.

Please consider making a donation to the Maine Public Health Association’s public policy activities.¬†We cannot continue to operate without the dedicated support of our partners and constituency.

Obesity Policy testimony – 2015

Testimony in Support of LD 985_school marketing

Testimony in Support LD 852- healthy beverages

Obesity Policy Materials

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APHA Obesity infographic – See more at: http://action.apha.org/site/PageServer?pagename=Obesity_Infographic#sthash.RVOCMuNI.dpuf