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 Honor the Legacy. Protect the Future.
Healthy families are key to lowering health care costs  and sustaining a  strong economy.   When people are  healthy, children do better in school,  workers are more  productive, and  businesses can add jobs because  health  costs are lower.  This is why it’s more important than  ever that we  continue to use the Fund for a Healthy  Maine for what it was intended to  do: promote good  health and prevent costly disease.

 Maine’s economic recovery depends on bringing down  the cost of health  care for businesses, and that’s what  the Fund for a Healthy Maine is  designed to do.  Maine  business leaders consistently identify lowering health costs as the single most important priority for lawmakers to address in their efforts to spur new economic growth.

What the 119th Legislature established was truly visionary – investing in the prevention of disease and promotion of good health today in order to reduce health costs in the long run.  What great long-term thinking and a wonderful legacy.  Now is not the time to go backwards.

The FHM is as much a key to Maine’s future economic success as education and energy costs. Without a healthy workforce and lower health costs, Maine cannot compete with other states.

The Friends of the Fund for a Healthy Maine (FFHM) is a committee convened by MPHA that is committed to protecting the Fund for a Healthy Maine. Our coalition is a diverse group of individuals and organizations who care about the Fund and believe in its intent. We meet monthly or as necessary to strategize, prioritize and plan.  If you are interested in joining the FFHM, please contact committee chair, Tina Pettingill.

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2015 FHM Testimony & Resources

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FFHM testimony_Feb 2015 to HHS committee of Maine State Legislature by FFHM- Feb 4, 2015

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