MPHA Advocacy and Policy


The Maine Public Health Association is dedicated to assuring the health of Maine’s people and places.

To that end, we advocate on issues of importance to public health in Maine. MPHA strictly adheres to our policy of supporting only evidenced-base public health practices and policies. We review recent and relevant data, research, and trends, and how a stated policy/law may impact public health outcomes.


Policy Priorities

MPHA’s public health priorities are chosen to have maximum impact on improving public health, to strengthen the organized constituency for public health, and to complement the work of organizational partners. MPHA only advocates on evidence-based policy and prioritizes legislation based on this evidence/data, organizational and partner capacity and expertise, funding availability and political climate/feasibility. The MPHA Board Policy Committee is responsible for developing MPHA’s annual policy agenda.

With a statewide membership and the strength of our partners, we use a combination of advocacy, public education, community organizing, policy development, and coalition leadership to address public health issues facing Maine.

Our current policy priorities and coalition work include:

          – Fund for a Healthy Maine: Fund Tobacco First

          – Medicaid Expansion

          – Public Health Nursing

          – Clean Drinking Water

          – Opiate Education

          – Marijuana Regulation

          – Obesity Prevention

          – Environmental Health