Adding E-cigarettes to Maine’s Smoke-free Public and Workplaces Laws a Victory for Public Health

AUGUSTA, Maine– July 8, 2015 – The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN), American Heart Association (AHA), American Lung Association of the Northeast (ALA) and the Maine Public Health Association (MPHA) are celebrating legislation that will restrict the use of e-cigarettes in public places where smoking is prohibited becoming law 90 days after the legislative session recesses.

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Maine Public Health Association releases Touched by Tobacco videos

With support from the Maine Cancer Foundation, MPHA has just completed an educational video series titled Touched by Tobacco. These video’s are each around 1 minute in length and feature Maine legislators and others sharing their personal stories with tobacco. Below is a snippet from the attached press release. We hope our public and clinical health partners will join us to spreading the word about these videos through your social media platforms, email, and at your events- they are powerful and emphasize the dangers associated with addiction to a deadly substance.

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A new video series has been released on public health websites and social media this morning, featuring State Senators Anne Haskell, Brian Langley and Stanley Gerzofsky; State Representatives Matthew Pouliot and Justin Chenette; Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap, and former broadcast journalist Felicia Knight. Each tells a personal story of tobacco addiction and the tragic outcomes that have resulted. The “Touched by Tobacco” video series was produced by the Maine Public Health Association with funding from the Maine Cancer Foundation.

“These stories are poignant and often heartbreaking,” said Tina Pettingill, Executive Director of Maine Public Health Association. “Tobacco addiction comes at a huge cost for too many Maine families. By sharing their stories, these leaders are bringing viewers into their lives and helping us understand that tobacco is an equal opportunity killer. We hope these stories spark more discussions about what else we can do in our communities to help smokers quit and keep kids from starting to use tobacco products.”

Dr. Ann Lemire Receives MPHA Award

Dr. Ann Lemire of South Portland received the Phebe Conrey King Health Care Access Award from the Maine Public Health Association during a gathering of more than 1000 health care providers and policymakers in Augusta at the annual Quality Counts conference in April. When this achievement was brought to the attention of the City of Portland, Dr. Lemire was then celebrated by Portland’s City Council when Mayor Brennan read a proclamation regarding Dr. Lemire’s many contributions to provide health care for the underserved in Maine and Haiti. Dr. Lemire received a standing ovation at both events for her tremendous achievements.

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