Members of our committee have been collaborating for more than two decades to improve the health and well-being of Maine people by eliminating exposure to secondhand smoke, reducing tobacco use rates and assuring that funds from the Tobacco Master Settlement are used for tobacco use prevention and treatment first.

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Tobacco Master Settlement: Fund Tobacco First

Honor the Legacy. Protect the Future.
Healthy families are key to lowering health care costs and sustaining a strong economy. When people are healthy, children do better in school, workers are more productive, and businesses can add jobs because health costs are lower. This is why it’s more important than ever that we continue to use the Tobacco Master Settlement for what it was intended: reduce the burden of tobacco.

Maine’s economic prosperity depends on lowering the cost of health care for businesses. Using the Tobacco Master Settlement to fund tobacco use prevention and treatment is an effective strategy. Maine business leaders consistently identify lowering health costs as the single most important priority for lawmakers to address in their efforts to spur new economic growth.

What the 119th Legislature established was truly visionary – investing in the prevention of disease and promotion of good health today in order to reduce health costs in the long run.

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2015 Testimony & Resources

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Testimony in Opposition of LD 821- tobacco specialty stores

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